Settings and Parameters Module

AYARLAR VEparametreler



Objective: The aim of this module is to define, correct and display the parametric variables used in the whole program in the system.
Users: Two separate user groups can benefit from this module. The first one is the manager who will define the budget items to be used in HIS, the names of the institutions, the personnel information, the polyclinic and services of the hospital. The second group is the administrator who will determine user passwords and user rights.

The program has a separate menu for each parameter unit.

The information changes in the Settings Program are kept under control by the program in a way that does not disturb the integrity of the information in the system. For example, an institution record that has been billed does not perform the transaction by giving the user the necessary explanation against the delete command.

The user is guided by the program during identification by sub-screens arranged separately according to the section selected in each menu in this program.