Subdepot Request Module

Cep Depo İstem ve takip


Cep Depo İstem ve takip 3


Objective: This module aims to perform drug, consumable and narcotic follow-up procedures used in patients and wards.

Users: Nurses.

The user enters the program with the service name and password he / she works for. The request form window opens from pharmacy to service. Request number is listed with Requestor Service, Request Date, Requestor descriptions.

The user displays the material list as shown in the picture by clicking the Add material button in the new registration window with the mouse which material is selected in the material list, the user can search the material directly by typing the name of the material in this position.

If the user wants the drug or material he wants, on behalf of a particular patient, he can write the protocol name of that patient in the protocol box. If he does not remember the protocol of the patient, he reaches the inpatients in his ward by clicking the small button next to the protocol box and easily finds the patient he is looking for.


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