Doctor Polyclinic Module

doktor modulu


Objective: This module aims to enter patient examination information into the program by doctors.
Users: Doctors.
Printer Outputs: Patient epicrisis and other reports.

After entering the doctor policlinic module, waiting list is listed, which patient is examined, press enter button and patient is processed, patient’s examination findings, examination requests are entered, report and epicrisis are printed, patient’s operation is finished by pressing the button was examined. taken. By pressing the process list button, the progress payment information of the relevant doctor is accessed.

In this section, the user can see the patient’s identity, address, balance, hospitalization information, enter the diagnosis of icd10, reminder record and attention information about the patient.

In the patient complaints section, the patient’s complaints, history, examination findings, pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, x-ray findings, laboratory findings, procedure, recommended treatment plan and notes can be entered. The user can obtain information from the patient’s previous examination.

Laboratory requests of the patient can be entered from the laboratory requests section and the results processed from the laboratory to the patient can be seen.

In the X-ray requests section, the patient’s X-ray requests can be entered and the results processed from the X-ray to the patient can be seen.

Report Epicrisis and anamnesis can be written to the patient.

Drug reports, Board Report, Rest Report, Work and Disability Certificates can also be given to the patient and registered on Medula.