About us

Hospital Management Systems
 is a  kind of software including medical, official options which has integrated modules. HMS provides medical units useful feedbacks basing on the information relating with medical processes. In addition, HMS reduces the operating costs, provides labor saving and above all real stats

More than HMS is a software which has benefits increasing the profitablity, wide and reliable medical database is the most important result of it. Obviously, medical services is connected to the human life directly.  Significancy of hospital services causes the need of high qualification for health of human life.  We purposed to help medical organizations to increase their service quaility with our product HMS.

Information Technology provides us ability to create softwares to find out solutions to the problems of hospitals.

Therefore, as Arnil-Net Computer Communication Services Software Ltd , we target to develop Hospital Management Database (Tipplus) softwares matching with health culture and organizations by following the  progresses in the IT Sector

TIPPLUS is an automation software which minimizes  service deficiencies and maximizes productivity of using supplies.

Hospital Management Requires.
Information, Experience, Patience
and High Qualified Automation