TıpPlus Kiosk System allows patients to get the sequence number from the polyclinic and doctor they want. Healthcare insurance, Retirement Fund and Yesilkart provides provision of patients …

KIOSKs are personalized with your hospital logo.

Thanks to TıpPlus Kiosk System, your patients can easily make their own records without waiting in queues in the desks. In this way, your patients coming to the hospital can perform all the operations via the Kiosk device.

We can determine the capacity of the patients to enter with the MedicinePlus Kiosk System according to the operation of your hospitals. For example: On 12.06.2007, with the MedicinePlus Kiosk System, 15 patients between 08:00 and 12:00 and 15 patients between 13:00 and 16:00 can be taken. The capacity we have determined and the number of those who have already registered are displayed on our screen. When the capacity is exceeded, the polyclinics and services will become passive.

MedicinePlus Kiosk system with the patient on the same day the same outpatient clinic will receive a warning message for the second time and will not be able to record a second time.

All polyclinic, service and appointment procedures related to TıpPlus Kiosk System are kept in separate lists under TıpPlus Kiosk module. Therefore, when the procedure is performed from the outpatient clinic, it can be easily seen that the patient is admitted to the hospital with TıpPlus Kiosk System and the relevant statistics and reports can be reached.

Reporting or Statistics can be taken on the basis of criteria such as date, time, age range, female / male etc.