Laboratory Module

Laboratuvar 2 modülü




Laboratuvar 3 modülü


Objective: This module is used to monitor laboratory examinations, approval, barcodes, print results, reports and statistics for inpatients and outpatients.

Users: Laboratories, Desk Elements.

Printouts: Daily Laboratory Book, Patient Result Reports.

Laboratory requests made from any terminal in the system can be detected, recorded and reported to the person requesting the results. It is seen who made the request.

Appointments can be made.

For the examinations that cannot be performed in the laboratories within the hospital, referral procedures can be performed and the necessary arrangements regarding the reflection of these examinations to the patient’s financial records are included in the system.

Paid patients are prevented from performing laboratory tests without paying their fees.

Paid examinations for inpatients can be automatically reflected on the patient’s electronic invoice.

Test and examination results for medical devices that can be connected to the system can be directly transferred to the electronic environment.

Various statistics can be obtained for laboratory examinations and records, queries are answered and reports can be printed.


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