Account Module




Objective: It is the module that enables the accounting of the information entered into automation.
Users: Accounting staff.
In the accounting module, a company’s official accounting records are kept, all necessary reporting of accounting transactions are available.

All accounting codes can be defined in the account plan section of the program. The program provides the visual warning system at the moment when the budget item is spent or exceeded by making account plan definition and budget definition.

Purchase invoices can be entered from the Accounting program.

In the “Cash Book” section, the cash book can be queried according to the required criteria (account name, description, paid). It can also be sorted and printed according to receipt date, journal date and account code.

Monthly, temporary, definite, detailed and closing trial balance can be taken from the “main trial balance” section according to the desired date range.

“Detailed trial balance” section can be queried and printed according to the required date range with account code and balance amount criteria.


Trial accounts, journal books, information forms, income-expense table, general ledger reporting can be taken in the accounting program.

In addition, for the multiple use of entered records; which user enters or edits is kept on a daily basis.

It is necessary to define the constants first in the accounting section.
Warehouse stocks, Fixed definitions, Initial codes, P.O.S. devices, Audit groups, Institution groups, Institutions, Doctor groups, Doctors should be entered in fixed definitions.

Patient invoices that occur in the hospital are automatically accounted by selection or invoices can be processed manually to the accounting from the receipt entry screen. Opening slip, offset slip, payment slip, collection slip and closing can be opened from the receipt entry screen.