Polyclinic Registration Module


Objective: This module is the first place where the patient’s information is entered. Identity aims to obtain the information of the examination, to process the examination when necessary and to establish the records of the examination and to follow up the patient with a single protocol number.

Users: This module uses the front desk, teachers’ assistants and nurses.

Usage: It is the module where the identity records of the patients coming to your institution are made, these records are kept continuously and they are directed to the polyclinic where they want to go. Emergency patient, inpatient, outpatient patient can accept the module module, if the patient has come to your institution before the institution information on the patient’s name is automatically entered and allows to be changed and saved. If the patient has not arrived previously, a unique patient number is automatically generated and this patient number is used for subsequent visits.
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Printer Outputs: This module provides patient card, patient invoice, corporate invoice, cash report, balance reports, invoice lists. In order to send the invoices to the related institutions, submission to accounting is done.

In this module, the totals and the total of the examinations processed to the patient can be easily read by the user from the panel at the bottom of the program. Discounts and VAT amounts to the patient can be seen.

If the patient is a patient of SSI institution, the Medula screen is automatically opened in order to obtain the tracking number for the patient in the new examination window that opens to the patient. If the patient’s information is correct, the tracking number is taken by the medula.

If there is an error in the patient’s report card or TC ID number, it can be seen on the medula screen.

Patients who cannot get a GSS tracking number in policlinic admission or emergency patient admissions can be listed and GSS Tracking number can be collected retrospectively.

Policlinic, emergency and clinical patients whose GSS follow-up number is obtained and file is closed are sent to the medula collectively. The program performs the necessary pre-checks before it is sent. (whether the diagnosis is entered, whether the treatment result is entered, etc.)

Patients with approval from the medula are created and invoiced with 50 bales and the invoice delivery number is received from the medula. Subsequent transactions are done on the term termination site.

Medula reports: This module is used to record drug reports. Treatment, occupational accident, occupational disease, disease, prenatal work, Maternity, Birth, Prosthesis, Disability, Drug use, Drug exemption reports can be recorded in the medula and the results can be printed on the term termination website.

The patient’s collection is made and his / her invoice or corporate invoice can be issued again from this screen.

The program ensures the integrity and accuracy of the information by not allowing the change and deletion of the program in the records of the patient whose invoice is charged and the fee is collected. With the administrator password and code, the registration can be opened for editing.

In the Other Operations section, all transactions listed below can be performed.

- Change Patient Institution
- Patient Combine
- Cash Dump, Cash Transfer and Cash Approval Process
- Patient Money back
- Balance Reports
- Invoice Lists
- Refer Medula to Patient
- Patient Admission Procedures
- Documents Not Issued
- Corporate Document Tracking List
- Process Appointment Patient
- Safe Opening