Radiology Information System



The examinations worked in the radiology center can be recorded with all the details (code, name, devices etc.). By defining group examinations, it is possible to display examinations under the same group with a single button.

Appointment conditions of the examinations can be defined and automatic appointments can be provided to the examinations at any time from the polyclinic or clinics. It is possible to automatically record the instructions (such as fasting, coming to the urine, not using medication) that should be followed when the patient arrives for the examination.

Different records (direct radiography, ultrasound, tomography, doppler, angio) under the same claim can be assigned to each of the different protocol numbers and separate records can be recorded.

Examination reports can be created using the advanced report writing tool of TıpPlus HIS, and template reports can be displayed with a single button while writing reports. Among the previously written reports, research can be done by free text search method according to the content. In order to create common terminology in reports, word completion features can be used in report writing screen. Markings and notes can be written on anatomical pictures in the reports and picture reports (such as Anjio, PTCA report) can be created.
TıpPlusRIS can be easily integrated with PACS systems with HL7 support. In addition, radiological images and videos can be viewed with the integrated DICOM Viewer tool in TıpPlusRIS. With PACS integration, the work list can be sent to the PACS system automatically and the process can be tracked in TıpPlusRIS.

Book records about the triggers made in your radiology unit can be taken and detailed statistics can be obtained according to doctor, unit and examination group.
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