Radiological Imaging and Archiving System (PACS)



PACS can be defined as a system for digitally acquiring, archiving and transmitting panoramic and local radiological images.

TıpPlus PACS System not only provides storage of digitally acquired images, but also enables these images to be transmitted to any computer or other centers within the health center via computer networks.

The connection between the Hospital Information System, the Radiology Information System, and the PACS allows monitoring of radiological images, as well as reports of images and other recorded patient information via the intranet. Thus, when the physician presses a button, he can access all the patient’s information from his desk and perform comparative evaluation.

One of the most important advantages of TıpPlus PACS is that digital images can be sent to health centers anywhere in the world.

In the PACS system, images can be stored as DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), that is, medical images from different devices can be stored in the standard information format used worldwide.

Thus, this information can be transmitted to other computers in the hospital, as well as to other centers in the country or to centers abroad.