X-Ray & Ultrasound Module


Ultrason modülü


Ultrason modülü 2

Objective: This module is used for follow-up, approval, barcodes and reports and statistics of radiological examinations taken inpatients and outpatients.

Users: Radiology Specialists, Radiology technicians.

Printer Outputs: Examination reports, Daily x-ray book, Technician reports and Patient outcome reports.
It can be accessed by typing the protocol number or by searching from the 5 F5 Patient List adına by name, surname or type of examination (ultrasound, x-ray, etc.). After the patient is found and checked, the doctor requests entered from the desk are listed. Also; The type of x-ray procedure to be performed can be selected as “Normal, Forensic, Emergency, Emergency + Forensic, Medicated, Other.. The size and number of the film used can be entered by the technician.


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