Telephone Appointment System (IVR)

TIPPLUS IVR is a voice response system that enables the exchange of information by using telephone keys by accessing computer systems by remote telephone or fax.

  • The system detects that the telephone lines connected to the unit are ringing.
  • Switches on the ringing phone and switches to answering mode.
  • The system plays the pre-recorded voice announcements to the caller.
  • It detects the keystrokes made by the caller during or at the end of the announcement.
  • The system accesses the relevant information from the caller’s keystrokes, performs the necessary operations and makes voice announcements to the other party.

If the other party closes the line anywhere in this process, the system detects it and then closes the line.

The major feature that distinguishes the TIPPLUS IVR from other types of voice response systems is that there is a host connection in IVR systems.